Hugh Roberts Geller

Quotes from anonymous teaching reviews:

It was very nice having [Hugh] as a teacher for two semesters in a row, and I wouldn’t have wanted anybody else for calc 2. No other teacher I’ve had this year has been so nice and courteous to their students, and they especially haven’t showed how much they really care about their students the way [Hugh] clearly [has].
— Math 1060-012/Math 1080-005 Student
Hugh works really hard to make sure that every student finds him approachable. You can tell by his demeanor that Hugh cares about each individual student and works really hard and does all he can so that they have the opportunity to succeed.
— Math 1060-012 Student
Hugh teaches math with a passion matched by few. He is really good at explaining concepts and picking the example problems that students are struggling with the most.
— Math 1060-014 Student
Hugh’s personality made our class fun to go to and made me want to show up everyday. I definitely appreciated his sense of humor and attempts to make math fun because clearly he was having a good time especially when we did proofs.
— Math 1060-011 Student
Hugh is extremely ethical: he never gives one student something without offering it to the entire class, purposely doesn’t look at [coordinated] exams in advance as to not put himself in a situation where he could give anything away, and is constantly making sure that his actions are fair.
— Math 1060-012 Student
Enjoyable class. Learned a lot. He danced ballet for us and brought donuts. What else would you want?
— Math 1060-011 Student