Hugh Roberts Geller



Research Interests:

Homological Algebra:

  • Resolutions with a differential graded algebra structure

  • Applications of the Taylor Resolution

  • Fiber Products

Number Theory:

  • Congruences of Fourier coefficients of Siegel modular forms

  • Integrality of Siegel-Eisenstein and Klingen-Eisenstein series

  • Siegel’s phi operator

  • Fourier-Jacobi coefficients of Siegel modular forms, particularly those for genus 2, non-Maass, cuspidal eigenforms



Eigenform Product Identities for Degree-Two Siegel Modular Forms, with Jim Brown, Rico Vicente, and Alexandra Walsh, Journal of Number Theory (to appear), 14 pages.


Invited Talks

Towards DG-Algebra Resolutions of Fiber Products, AMS Southeast Sectional, Special Session on Developments in Commutative Algebra, II; Auburn University, March 2019



DG-Algebra Resolutions for Products of Ideals, Thematic Program in Commutative Algebra and its Interactions with Algebraic Geometry; University of Notre Dame, June 2019

Towards DG-Algebra Resolutions for Fiber Products, Morgantown Algebra Days; West Virginia University, April 2019